Partnering with Builders, Developers & Trades for Unmatched Value & Service

Builders, multi-unit and commercial developers, designers, architects, and investors have chosen us as their secret weapon for project differentiation and value addition.

Over the past two decades, we have established meaningful partnerships, staying at the forefront of the industry by embracing the latest manufacturing and sourcing trends, and innovating with our proprietary solutions. This commitment enables us to keep you ahead of the game in both design and cost efficiency.

Backed by a network of skilled installers and trade contractors, we guarantee on-time project completion and deliver unmatched service.

Production & Custom Home Builders

From production builders aiming to maximize value to multi-million-dollar custom homes that demand the utmost bespoke design experience and unique hand-built components, we adeptly coordinate the entire order-to-delivery process.

Our services extend beyond delivery to encompass seamless installation and necessary servicing.

Recognizing millwork as one of the most critical elements in a home, we are acutely aware of the importance of impeccable design and service for the most discerning homeowners, contributing significantly to the success of homebuilders.

Multi-family & Commercial Developers

Multi-Family Developers and Construction Management Companies all over Michigan and Northwest Ohio benefit from our singular focus and dedication to value. From apartments, condominiums, malls, medical facilities, senior living, hospitality , and university housing we dedicate our team to a single large scale project at a time.

No account managers or middle management means you work directly with the designers and fabricators to ensure a deep understanding of the project and maximize ROI. The agility and flexibility of being focused on your project, working with one of the largest arrays of suppliers as well as in-house fabrication and automated machinery means we are confident in providing the most value while streamlining your development process.

Interior Designers, Architects and Realtors

We're here to turn the most complex and demanding projects into reality, distinguishing ourselves from other cabinet shops that may be confined to their own processes, suppliers, or styles.

In addition to finding innovative ways to achieve the end goals envisioned by the designers and architects we collaborate with, our flexible referral program sets us apart from other Michigan kitchen cabinet shops.