Traditional Cabinets

Trust our expertise in crafting traditional kitchen designs with depth, warmth, and timeless elegance, leveraging a deep understanding of historical styles and attention to detail. With access to multiple suppliers, we ensure the use of authentic materials like natural wood, stone, and classic metal finishes, all while providing the best value. Our customization skills, balance of design elements, and integration of modern functionality guarantee a unique and personalized kitchen that meets contemporary living standards without sacrificing historical charm.

What are the most well-known traditional kitchen styles we’ve built?
  • Classic Kitchens: Classic kitchens blend timeless design elements and neutral color palettes to create a space that is welcoming and elegant. They often feature symmetrical lines, rich wood tones, and detailed cabinetry.
  • Country Kitchens: Country kitchens embody a rustic charm with their use of natural materials, cozy fabrics, and warm colors. This style often includes open shelving, farmhouse sinks, and vintage accents.
  • Victorian Kitchens: Victorian kitchens are characterized by their ornate details, intricate patterns, and rich color schemes. They reflect the opulence of the Victorian era with features like elaborate woodwork and antique furnishings.
  • Craftsman Kitchens: Craftsman kitchens are known for their emphasis on natural materials and handmade quality. This style features sturdy construction, simple lines, and a focus on functionality and craftsmanship.
  • French Provincial Kitchens: French Provincial kitchens capture the elegance of the French countryside with their soft color palettes, natural materials, and intricate woodwork. This style often includes ornamental molding and rustic finishes.
  • Colonial Kitchens: Colonial kitchens draw inspiration from early American history, featuring a mix of simplicity and elegance. They often incorporate elements like paneled cabinetry, hardwood floors, and traditional hardware.
  • Tuscan Kitchens: Tuscan kitchens are warm and inviting, inspired by the Italian countryside. They often use earthy colors, natural stone, wrought iron accents, and wood to create a sunny, Mediterranean feel.
  • Cottage Kitchens: Cottage kitchens are cozy and unpretentious, with a focus on comfort and casual living. This style often includes beadboard paneling, pastel colors, and a mix of vintage and rustic elements.
  • Mediterranean Kitchens: Mediterranean kitchens blend the warm, sunny styles of countries along the Mediterranean coast, using bold colors, decorative tiles, and arches. This style emphasizes texture and color for a vibrant and inviting space.Each of these traditional kitchen styles brings its unique flavor and charm, creating spaces that feel both timeless and deeply personal.
Which modern European kitchen brands do you source components, materials, or design inspirations from for modern designs?

Europe is renowned for its cutting-edge design and quality craftsmanship, especially when it comes to modern kitchen designs. Several brands stand out for their innovation, aesthetics, and functionality. Here are some top European kitchen brands that are celebrated for bringing contemporary design to the heart of the home:

  • Bulthaup (Germany): Known for minimalist designs, Bulthaup combines precision craftsmanship with high-quality materials to create sleek, functional kitchens. Their focus on ergonomics and pure design makes them a favorite among modern design enthusiasts.
  • Poggenpohl (Germany): One of the oldest kitchen brands in the world, Poggenpohl is renowned for its luxurious and innovative kitchen designs. They offer highly customizable kitchens with a wide range of finishes and materials.
  • Scavolini (Italy): Scavolini kitchens blend style, functionality, and design to suit various tastes, from classic to modern. They're known for their durable materials and vibrant colors, making them a popular choice in contemporary homes.
  • Snaidero (Italy): Snaidero specializes in luxury kitchens that offer a blend of cutting-edge design and practical functionality. Their collaborations with renowned designers result in kitchens that are beautiful, ergonomic, and enduring.
  • Leicht (Germany): Leicht kitchens are synonymous with quality, durability, and sustainability. Their modern designs are characterized by clean lines, innovative materials, and a wide palette of colors.
  • Boffi (Italy): Boffi is famous for its minimalist, high-end kitchens that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their use of space and innovative materials has set trends in the kitchen design industry.
  • Valcucine (Italy): With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Valcucine designs kitchens that are timeless and built to last. They are pioneers in using glass in their designs, offering a unique aesthetic that is both elegant and durable.
  • Siematic (Germany): Siematic offers a broad spectrum of luxury kitchen designs, from minimalist and modern to classic. Their focus on individuality and high-quality materials allows for personalized kitchen solutions.
  • Alno (Germany): Alno kitchens are recognized for their contemporary designs and innovative storage solutions. They offer a wide range of styles, materials, and colors to meet diverse preferences.
  • Arclinea (Italy): Arclinea's philosophy is to merge design with functionality, creating kitchens that are not only visually stunning but also practical. They are known for their architectural approach to kitchen design and custom solutionsutions.

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